President’s Newsletter – June 2018


We are moving into the last quarter of the fiscal year for the Chapter and have many activities to share and some “save the date” events for you. Below is a recap since our last newsletter and some updates to events:

First, this year the Chapter will present the Hartinger Award to the Air Force Chief of Staff, General David L. Goldfein.  General Goldfein will accept the award on behalf of the outstanding work of the Airmen he leads conducting the military space mission of the United States.  General David L. Goldfein will receive the Hartinger Award during the 35th Annual National Defense Industrial Association Ball, 2 November 2018. We look forward to your participation at the NDIA Rocky Mountain Chapter Ball and the presentation of the Hartinger Award.

Second, Workforce Development Committee continues to lead our efforts on STEM under the leadership of Michael Pennica.  This year to date we:

  • Donated two microscopes to Monroe Elementary School
  • Held meetings with Challenger School to determine ways to work together and support their STEM activities.
  • Our science fair support continued with both the
    • Regional Science Fair with University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS)
    • State Science Fair at Colorado State University (CSU).
    • We honored six winners at each Fair from across a diverse platform of STEM subjects
  • We continued our meetings with Norm Black of National Space Science & Technology Institute (NSSTI) to determine joint workings of our committee and the educational non-profit. NSSTI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation incorporated in 1997 “to engage and excite students, teachers, researchers, and the public in science and technology through the exploration and understanding of our environment and the Universe.”
  • Supported another successful PongSat launch in which five schools participated due to the NDIA-RMC financial and committee support. This is a great program to introduce students to the planning, launch, and analysis of space-gathered data.


Third, our March luncheon speaker occurred in May as we worked schedule changes for the speaker, Brigadier General John E. Shaw and the National Space Symposium.  Brigadier General Shaw (Director of Strategic Plans, Programs, Requirements and Analysis, Headquarters Air Force Space Command) spent much of his time taking Q&A from the audience spanning many topics and issues.  His presentation discussed how resilient and affordable space enterprise must underpin Joint Warfighting and the national command authority; Operational risk-informed decision needs to define the enterprise architecture; and model based systems engineering tools must define and inform the decision space.


We are also working with the NDIA Space Division on a Brown Bag with Brigadier General Shaw.  Currently, we have Thursday, 19 July from 1300-1500 as the date and time of the Brown bag…more to follow as we get these dates


Last, we will hold our elections for the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, more to come from Henry Baird.


Again, thank you to the Chapter members for your award-winning involvement and please let us know where you think your time and talent could help us as well.




Richard H. ‘Doc’ Klodnicki, PhD, PMP


Rocky Mountain Chapter

National Defense Industrial Association